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This package includes the new Stories & Analogies full length album and the newly designed Stories & Analogies themed t-shirt.

Release date: AUG 20, 2013 About album: Part 1 of story; Stories & Analogies is a story about a couple who had lost hope in finding someone until they met each other quickly learning they both wanted more out of their lives and to better the world. They team up spreading the word about some of the worlds biggest and smallest problems just hoping to get people interested in change. They learn keeping a relationship, holding jobs and creating awareness of the many problems earth has would prove to be too much even for them, soon separating but continuing their journeys they both somehow end up in nyc on the same day and as if seeing each other was hard enough the city is attacked by what they soon learn is the group trying to take over the world and put everyone under control and have been doing for decades. This event pushes the couple to rekindle things as well as finally get the worlds population on the same page in fighting back, creating the scene where the first group of rebel soldiers are recognized, leaving part 1 to end staring at the smoke of the initial attack. Part 2 is the next album coming late 2015/early 2016.

Album listing: 1.We are not alone 2.To take on the world together 3.Sing to me 4.End of the road 5.Say it 6. Im not your guy 7.Better off on my own 8.This town 9.Hollywood bound 10.Lost in time 11.My gift to you 12.The collapse

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