5th Annual IMEA Awards at the Paramount Theatre (Ashland,KY - 6/16)

Heading to Ashland,KY today for the 5th annual IMEA Awards at the Paramount Theatre. I’am nominated again this year for a couple different awards, as well as presenting again. I will be posting updates on travel to and from the awards, the awards event itself & some updates on new music. Keep an eye out both today & tomorrow (Sat 6/16 - Sun 6/17) for these updates in video, picture and social media update formats.  

SSF Official website: http://www.sevenstoryfall.com 
Award website: http://www.imeaawards.com 

FB: http://www.facebook.com/7storyfall 
Twitter: @sevenstoryfall 
Instagram: @seven_story_fall



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